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", “My teaching in the Honors College, its University Honors Program, and as an Honors Faculty Fellow has been deeply gratifying and has informed my work in the Department of Music,” says Dr. Hurst-Wajszczuk. He will begin his new position on August 15, 2019. In 2001, Gere joined the faculty as a professor of foundations and painting in the School of Fine Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) at their Savannah campus; in 2002, he transitioned to professor and director of printmaking at SCAD, Savannah. The team will use satellite data to choose study sites where variation in light due to differences in annual sea ice cover will be a major environmental variable. from UAB in 2009. The strength of UAB is its people. “There are many, many different Souths just like there are many different Caribbeans. In her spare time, she works away at a fiction book she’s writing – a murder mystery at a medical school – using all her experiences during graduate school to describe faculty and graduate students and their misadventures. UAB Honors College @HonorsUAB. Their article, "Public Service For All: How a Global Ethic Prepares Public Administrators for a Transnational Century," was lauded for its “span of coverage, methods, and impact to the field.” The awards committee further cited the articles’ role in helping to “increase evidence-based instruction and administration of public affairs programs.”. addy2752bd6472451ce9f1f652cfe7d3852c = addy2752bd6472451ce9f1f652cfe7d3852c + 'uab' + '.' + 'edu'; Robert Collins: I have been retired from the Department of English for almost a decade. The program had just been established, and she was one of only a few female students. Charly Verstraet, Ph.D., an assistant professor of French in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, was recently awarded “Best University Professor” by the American Journal of French Studies for his mentorship and dedication to his students. He received his B.F.A. During her time at JSCC, Janice received many local, regional, and national accolades, including a Fulbright Teacher Exchange Fellowship in England, as well as the state of Alabama’s first ever Outstanding Junior College Faculty Award. UABHH, 111 1720 2nd Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35294-1242, UAB Honors Hall, 111 1321 10th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35205, This email address is being protected from spambots. In 2000, with her first grandchild on the way, Mary retired so that she could focus on her family. This week's Peer-to-Peer Advice comes from Tori Lathrop, a sophomore majoring in nursing with a Spanish minor. The UAB Honors College brings together intellectually curious students from all majors to form a close-knit community of emerging scholars. Verstraet, originally from the French region of Flanders, knows how daunting publishing in a foreign language can be. RC: Yes, I did. var addy15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae = 'sthonors' + '@'; Associate Dean Honors College, Associate Professor, Department of Music Joi M. Jackson. “For me, the biggest moment of happiness isn’t me receiving an award but seeing my students succeed,” said Verstraet. She had completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, at Vanderbilt University and was eager to delve deeper into biology. Effective use of innovative teaching methods and assurance that his/her courses stay abreast of current theory and use of modern technology. Ghanta is a fantastic professor. Now an acclaimed bioethics scholar, Dr. Pence's research and teaching interests include cloning and assisted reproduction. programs in print and digital media. I attended Xavier University in Cincinnati on a presidential scholarship. RC: So many physical changes have taken place on campus in the ten years since I retired that I hesitate to say anything about what might happen in the next ten, let alone fifty. Forman is the immediate past-president of Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival, where she remains an advisory board member. Even so, she recalls UAB feeling like a breath of fresh air after spending four years in Vanderbilt’s high-pressure environment. She has collaborated with people across campus to gather the most effective resources for her students. Explore the latest happenings on UAB's 100-block campus, where more than 20,000 students and 23,000 employees study, live and work. I have found my friends, my family and my biggest supporters. Outside of work, Dr. Ghanta can be found tending to her garden and spending time with her husband of 43 years, Dr. Subbarao Vadlamudi. “It’s very similar for languages or learning other cultures. document.getElementById('cloak9f1dfc02f82cb647bca80919c2008369').innerHTML = ''; Exemplary classroom instruction as evidenced by student and peer evaluation. Shannon L. Blanton, Ph.D., Dean of the UAB Honors College, announced today that after a university-wide search Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, DMA, will be the new Associate Dean of the college. Rebecca Osborn Freeman. “My research interests lie on the intersection of race, policing, and social movements,” Baer says. "Yet, these diverse eukaryotes have received collectively less attention, despite their ecological and economic importance. Nancy and her husband Tom currently enjoy a calm life in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Forman graduated from Harvard with a B.A. Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk, DMA, associate professor of voice and director of Opera in the College of Arts and Sciences, will be the first to hold the role of associate dean of the UAB Honors College. Criteria included alignment and contribution to UAB’s research mission, access to cutting-edge technology and/or specialized expertise represented in the services of the core, and core leadership. Baer studied the Civil Rights Movement early in his career, but over time he began to focus on cities in the northern United States, including Chicago. He joined the faculty at UAB in 1976 and has not only been instrumental in developing our bioethics program within the Department of Philosophy, but also taught, for three decades, a required bioethics course to all UAB School of Medicine students. Joe L. March, Ph.D. Ertas won the NASPAA Award for Outstanding Service, specifically for her role as Chapter Advisor of Pi Alpha Alpha, the honors organization in the area of professional public administration. Nov 23. His recent conference activity includes presentations at SGCI (Southern Graphics Council International Conference); Southeastern College Arts Association Conference (SECAC); the College Arts Association Conference (CAA); and the Mid America Print Council (MAPC). Verstraet encouraged his students to submit work to the journal due to the region’s similarity to South Alabama. During that time, something unexpected happened: Janice developed a love of teaching. “One of the biggest rewards is when you receive an email from a student telling you what they have done or become. Their research should ultimately allow them to predict what community-level impacts might result from further changes in sea ice cover as a result of global climate change, which is already having other major impacts in the region. Donor support is invaluable in ensuring that our students receive the quality education that, regardless of their course of study, will set them on the path to success. Recent alumna Abby Garver received third place for her personal essay. var addy2752bd6472451ce9f1f652cfe7d3852c = 'gclhonors' + '@'; The University of Alabama Honors College is dedicated to making our community of scholars an even more diverse, inclusive and equitable place to learn. Our honors courses are designed to prepare students to communicate effectively in written and oral form, demonstrate critical thinking skills, integrate knowledge across domains, participate effectively in team endeavors, and function as ethical citizens of communities.UAB Honors College students can either pursue our Personalized Pathway or choose one … As a lecturer, artist, and co-investigator, he has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including funding from the Rauschenberg Foundation and a multimillion-dollar grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) which currently supports his research on integrating the visual arts as pedagogy into the nursing curriculum. I can speak, however, to what I would like to see happen in the next decade. A&S: What made you decide to make a gift to the College of Arts and Sciences? Dr. Wyss also directs UAB's Center for Community Outreach Development and has been a longtime champion for interdisciplinary collaboration across campus, as well as developing strong partnerships with the City of Birmingham. The Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes full-time regular faculty members of College of Arts and Sciences who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in teaching. Michele Forman, director of the UAB Media Studies program, was recently profiled in Harvard University's alumni magazine. This video is unavailable. Learn more about the 15 cores. in 1993 and then received her M.A. Honors College Facts + Figures. She has cherished her time at UAB and says she is appreciative to have worked in a unified department with colleagues who were always supportive, respectful, friendly, and caring. “I’m looking forward to working with Dean Blanton and my colleagues in the Honors College, and am excited to join such a creative team. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. During her junior year of college, she found out she was eligible to attend a state-supported school due to her husband’s status as a disabled veteran. NASPAA is the accreditation agency for schools of public policy and public administration, and is the primary organization for pedagogy and administration in those fields. I decided to study police torture in Chicago and social movements for police accountability because I wanted to join scholars who have pushed research on the Civil Rights Movement into new directions, namely by focusing on the period after 1970, on issues other than voting rights and desegregation, and locations beyond the South.”, Baer says the book is applicable beyond a specific city or time frame. She has definitely become one of my favorite teachers at UAB.”. Her longest tenure was at Hewitt-Trussville High School. Baer is now working on his second book, “Black and Missing,” which explores the intersection of race, law enforcement, and missing persons. The UAB Office of Research and the Institutional Research Core Program announced the selection of a total 15 cores that align and contribute to UAB’s research mission and provide access to cutting-edge technology and/or specialized expertise. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Communications and Events Specialist. The program provides academically talented and motivated students an opportunity to participate in stimulating and challenging courses, seminars and colloquia during their time at Dean. She’s at the beginning of her career.”. addy15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae = addy15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae + 'uab' + '.' + 'edu'; var addy9f1dfc02f82cb647bca80919c2008369 = 'honorsprogram' + '@'; Congrats to our Honors students Ryleigh Fleming and … For additional information regarding gifts to the College of Arts and Sciences, please contact Camille Epps at or call (205) 996-2154. from the College of William and Mary, then received his M.A. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; He's also given nearly a dozen endowed lectures on bioethics at universities across the U.S. as well as in Brazil, Switzerland, China, Norway, Israel, and England. Print media artist Rich Gere comes to UAB from the Department of Art and Design at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 0. Shannon L. Blanton, Ph.D. Dean, UAB Honors College BY THE NUMBERS A quick glance at this year’s data and figures. Dr. Ghanta has spent the past 33 years advancing the department’s research and teaching. I have found my friends, my family and my biggest supporters. The Dean College Honors Program seeks interesting and interested students to explore a rigorous interdisciplinary approach to the learning experience. Further south on the WAP, these macroalgae become markedly less abundant and diverse, presumably because increased sea ice to the south reduces light available to the algae. Three faculty members in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration received organization-wide awards from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration. 3. Later that year, Janice accepted a position as an instructor in the Biology Department at Jefferson State Community College (known then as Jefferson State Junior College). More than 50 of his students have been awarded scholarships to medical school, and six have entered Harvard Medical School. In June 1970, Mary received her diploma, making her the first woman to ever graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Biology! Many of his students have won prestigious national scholarships and fellowships, including the Marshall and Fulbright; two students have won Rhodes Scholarships. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var addy_text15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae = 'sthonors' + '@' + 'uab' + '.' + 'edu';document.getElementById('cloak15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae').innerHTML += ''+addy_text15f6ad34f9baf00047e294f9667a18ae+'<\/a>'; Adapting to UAB’s environment and academic requirements proved challenging. #SetYourWorldOnFire. When her professor, Dr. Charles Crispens, saw her struggling, he stepped in to offer support—something Mary says she will never forget.

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