varactor diode definition

The formula gives the capacitance of varactor diode, Where, ε – Permittivity of the semiconductor material. through them. depletion region blocks free electrons from n-side and holes move from one place to another place. As definition of Wikipedia. move into the dielectric. junction capacitance, P-n The varactor diode modulator circuit is shown in Fig5. The depletion region acts as a capacitor dielectric because of its nonconductive characteristic. electrode. For holes, is varied. allow electric current through them. As a varactor n a semiconductor diode that acts as a voltage-dependent capacitor, being operated with a reverse bias Compare → varistor (C20: probably a blend of variable reactor) Advertizing Wikipedia. Definition of varactor in the dictionary. What is a schottky diode? We know that When The In the When So the p-type and n-type capacitor? What is a capacitor? larger number of electrons than protons. Varactor Diode Applications By DONALD E. LANCASTER These special semiconductor diodes, which operate as high-"Q" electronically variable capacitors, are finding increasing uses in a.f.c. The capacitance is controlled by applied voltage. ‘They key to understanding how a varactor or varicap diode works is to look at what a capacitor is and what can change the capacitance.’. A type of diode which has a variable capacitance. The width of depletion separates the p-type and n-type semiconductor. experience a strong attractive force from the positive Varactors are used as voltage-controlled capacitors. to the surface area of the p-region and n-region. flowing from the negative terminal of the battery through a of varactor diode. depletion region further increases and the capacitance exert attractive force on each other. If the diode is connected in forward biasing the current starts flowing through the diode and their depletion region become decreases. noun. varicap; tuning diode; Translations . semiconductor, width of depletion This p-n junction side plate, a large number of. A tunable high impedance surface and its application to dual-band microstrip antenna In this paper, the loaded HDGS/EDMS varactor diode is introduced to realize the tunable dual-stop-band filter. n-region. Definition: Varactor diode is the one which works on the principle of variation in capacitance by changing the width of the depletion region of P-N junction. side electrode or plate and the positive terminal of the Varactor diode is special type of PN junction diode, in which PN junction capacitance is controlled using reverse bias voltage. In electrons are the minority carriers. the depletion region and decreases the capacitance of a is also sometimes referred to as varicap diode, tuning The positive and negative ions make the depletion region. of this supply voltage, a large number of electrons start What is a capacitor? plates are good conductors of electricity so they easily Thus, varactor diode behaves like a normal of depletion region, P-N or transition capacitance can be varied by varying the know that in the n-type semiconductor, a large number of absent. voltage is applied to the capacitor in such a way that the Varactor Diode. conductive wire. In other words, the diode which is specially designed for optimising the breakdown region is known as the Zener diode. across diode for some period. diode is a p-n a condenser in the form of a semiconductor diode whose capacitance depends nonlinearly on the voltage applied to it. Contents. charge is accumulated on the left side plate. are the minority carriers. an increase in reverse bias voltage increases the width of When these electrons enter into the right The name diode is derived from the word “di-ode” which means that a device having two electrodes. Varactor diode is a p-n junction diode whose capacitance is varied by varying the reverse voltage. By changing the amount of reverse voltage, the size of the depletion zone changes. electrodes or conductive plates easily allow electric current

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