good with driver but not irons

03:25. These tips are quick to learn, simple to follow, and they don’t have anything to do with your swing motion. Swing Psychology. Odds are good that the number one reason you struggle to equal quality between your iron and driver shots is this: The ideal angle of attack for each club is very different. The longer lower irons are not the easiest to hit. Aim your club path slightly to the right of the target (if you’re right-handed). Marty, awesome! I will definitely read more, but now I need to practice. Without a video it would be hard to tell but you probably are making an iron swing with your driver. First, play the ball in line with the logo on your shirt, on the left side of your chest. The trajectory is relatively low but they are long and have a good roll. It’s possible to get a properly fitted driver, but when you want to avoid the hassle and are on the lookout for a driver, you must avoid the Hammer X driver at all costs. It's hard to hit down on the ball if it's way up in your stance, but moving it way back is no good, either. 1. Give these tips a try, and I’m certain you’ll start to fill the quality gaps between your driver shots and your iron shots. Again, you want to stay steady and centered with a controlled rotation. Thank you. Club manufacturers have made the switch from standard irons to hybrid clubs extremely easy. Remain centered in your stance throughout the swing so you maintain control and deliver a square clubface at impact. Nearly half of all golfers carry at least one hybrid in their bag. Privacy Notice / Your California Privacy Rights. Fri, 08/24/2012 - 22:32-- Don Trahan. Most people instinctively feel they should swing harder with the long irons and woods because they want to maximize their distance. 2007 TM Burner 10.5* The Perfect Club (21 degree original) PING G10 5, 7, 9, UW, SW Scotty Cameron Fastback. Slicing Driver but not Irons. When you pick up an iron or a driver, your club selection makes a statement about your goal for the golf ball. This is, after all, the reason we tee the ball up to begin with. Aim your club path slightly closed (to the right of the target if you’re right-handed). i can hit my irons well but i cant hit my driver cause i end up slicing every driver shot. Fortunately, there is a mind bogglingly simple solution for getting the best angle at impact, whether you’re swinging an iron or a driver. 03:39. . Is this a common trend among beginners? And once again, it has nothing to do with the swing itself. Hitting long and straight drives will set up even the most challenging par 5s and help keep your score low. Golf irons were originally made in the early 1800s by blacksmiths. ode. First of all, the average golfer has no concept of what “average” means. He first started building clubs in the 1980s and since then has seen massive changes in technology and club design. Many have given up even trying to hit long irons, instead switching to hybrids for mid-range shots to the green. Join the conversation in the comments. Here’s a quick snapshot of everything  we went over. Thanks for all of your short videos. Back in the early 80s when Woody first started in the industry, there were no means of … Golfers can try to sweep the ball and and still hit the ball farther with hybrid clubs. We always love connecting and debating with other golfers. Impact Fix - Driver Understand the keys to an efficient driver impact position. i understand that means that im hitting the ball with an open club face. To make matters worse, in recent years long irons have been made with even shallower lofts. You can't excel with irons if you hit up on the ball, nor should you chop down into it at a steep angle. Irons require golfers to strike the ball with a downward motion. Additionally, this crow adds more power to the ball when you hit the sweet spot. This is due to that difference in attack angle. My driver on the other hand is all over the place. Best Driver For Beginners: Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Driver. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab945ee1ef556150277b17ae94094734" );document.getElementById("ed7fae5c00").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. It is a par 32 and par 64 after making two round trips. And all too often, they misdiagnose the problem. To build speed and increase distance, twist your body as you swing, shift weight between your lead and trail feet, and extend and push up through the finish. Since it features a carbon fiber crown, your chances of finding it in a great condition are easy. Or maybe you’re the opposite: You’re constantly hitting solid drives but the same quality just isn’t there when you pick up your iron.. It’s a fairly common problem. Golfers seem to have no recollection of all the drives that sail high and right, only the ones that go long and straight. I’ve been playing for about 6 weeks now. My putting is not too bad, and short irons are average. Bump your lead hip slightly towards the target. When you address the ball, the position of your front foot (closest to the target) in relation to the ball dictates the point in your downswing where you make contact. While the TaylorMade driver is by far one of the most highly regarded, you should not throw away the Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Driver. so I can hit my driver pretty straight and far, about 260+ depending on wind. Make these minor changes, and you’ll finally start hitting your irons and your drivers with equal skill. That way, your driver will be just beyond the low point and starting to travel upward again at impact. The only differences you need to think about when it comes to your irons versus your drivers are: Now, here are your promised bonus tips for hitting high draws with your driver. This additional weight makes the center of gravity for a hybrid much lower than in a standard iron. Position the ball forward in your stance, just inside the lead heel. When swinging with an iron, you want to catch the golf ball on a descending motion . That does not mean that every golfer on Planet Earth will hit hybrids better than long irons. Position the ball in the center of your stance to make contact on a descending motion. At setup, raise your lead arm just slightly so it’s a bit higher than your trail arm. And since there are a number of key points I would like to make about his situation, I thought it would be a good starting point for today's video tip. While the best golf swing for your irons and driver is essentially the same in terms of swing motion, you should make minor adjustments between clubs. Hope you continue to follow our content in the future, lots of great information on the way! If you want to start launching the ball higher off the tee and start hitting long draws, take these steps. Bump your lead hip a little towards the target. So I have a picture now, of a couple targets for my swing. For instance, a 4-iron today usually has 23 degrees of loft, compared with 28 degrees of loft in the past. For your irons, you want control. I'm already hitting 8 irons off the tee and easily could reach the par 5 in regulation with a short/mid iron for my 3rd shot even playing a 4 iron for the tee ball and my 2nd shot. Tags: Not Enough Distance, Iron, Driver 03:45. Are you deadly accurate with your irons but keep falling short with your driver? There are several reasons why hybrid clubs work well for some golfers. Hybrid clubs are much wider and thicker than standard irons, allowing manufacturers to place more weight in the base. Thank you. If you find you’re fading your driver yet your iron flight is straight and true. Many weekend golfers have a difficult time understanding this concept and insist on trying to sweep the ball off the turf with their irons. Position the ball forward in your stance to make contact on an ascending motion. His custom fitting business is considered one of the best in the entire industry by Golf Digest and almost every major OEM. First, think of twisting through the body to create coil and build momentum. It sounds to me like you have a similiar tendency to stick with irons, but a bit of practive with a driver & it's a very useful big hitter to have in the bag. You should have one swing so it should be working with irons as well as driver. All of these things help set up the proper position for a good downswing with axis tilt and a good flat spot. As simple as these changes are, I know that’s a lot of information to digest. And be sure to follow us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more golf tips and product reviews.

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